Competitive Intelligence for Public Procurement

25B Euro Yearly in 2.5M Contracts

30M Indexed Contracts

10000 Daily Opportunities

22000 Buyers

200000 Competitors

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Dashboard & Widget Store

  • Starting point for the day based on your preferences
  • Quick overview of the market, updated in near real-time
  • Easily add or remove predefined or custom built reports and charts from your Widget Store instance

Instant & Advanced Search

  • Instant full-text search over the entire data lake
  • Apply various smart filter sets to tailor your results
  • Combine instant and advanced search to quickly narrow the data set

Dynamic Indexing

  • Platform-based and custom labels system for enhanced workflows
  • Custom labels are designed to tag competitors, buyers, Common Procurement Vocabulary and more
  • Automatic intelligent public procurement anomalies highlighting

Data Export

  • Easily export search results into formats of your choice, for local processing
  • Multiple available formats, like CSV, XLS, PDF
  • Spend API allows you to integrate various data sets within your systems

Procurement Map

  • Data layer superimposed on country map for quick geographic overview of your results
  • Click on pins and get details for specific locations
  • Custom views and data layers can be developed for specific scenarios


  • View phone number, address, contact person for buyers and suppliers
  • Quickly filter entities by contact information
  • One click vCard download for easier import into your contact book

Document Library

  • Full-text search in over 60 000 procurement related documents (e.g. tender documents, appeals)
  • A search for a keyword(s) will return all the related documents, ordered by relevance and popularity
  • Each tender document may have relevant information about the corresponding buyer

Synthetic Data

Synthetic Data
  • Spend automatically provides synthetic data based on your search
  • Fast visualization of multiple evolution metrics layered on top of your search results
  • Specific listings available for buyers, suppliers and Common Procurement Vocabulary

In-App Messaging

  • Spend messaging enables real-time collaboration within your workspace
  • In-App Messaging also provides a consolidated inbox for various system notifications
  • Spend API supports messaging integration with third party systems

Dedicated Jupyter Notebooks environment

  • Programmatic access to datasets
  • Create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations, and text
  • Computational statistics and machine learning